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  • PLOS Computational Biology: Translational Bioinformatics educational resources

    PLOS present collection of Education articles:  “Translational Bioinformatics”. This collection is presented as an online “book” which could serve as a reference tool for a graduate level introductory course, marking a step in an exciting new direction for the Educati...

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    1376 days ago

  • The best bioinformatics chapter for beginners #Bioinformatics #Book #Tools #Basics

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  • Current Opinions in Genetics and Development #Book #Genetics

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    878 days ago

  • Applied Statistics for Bioinformatics using R #R #Book #Tutorial

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    826 days ago

  • Statistics Using R with Biological Examples

    This  book  is  a  manifestation  of  my  desire  to  teach researchers  in  biology    a  bit  more   about  statistics   than   an   ordinary   introductory cou...

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    202 days ago

  • Statistical for biological research

    There is no disputing the importance of statistical analysis in biological research, but too often it is considered only after an experiment is completed, when it may be too late. This collection highlights important statistical issues that biologists should be aware of and provides practical ad...

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    202 days ago

  • Finding Patterns in Biological Sequences

    In this report we provide an overview of known techniques for discovery of patterns of biological sequences (DNA and proteins). We also provide biological motivation, and methods of biological verification of such patterns. Finally we list publicly available tools and databases for pattern discov...

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  • #Math #book

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  • BioStats class tutorial

    Nice biostat turorial by Ingo Ruczinski

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