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  • looking for a books on basic to intermediate Bioinformatics.

    Hi I need help finding an easy to understand, comprehensive book on basic and intermediate bioinformatics. I own Bioinformatics-concepts, skills and applications 2nd edition by S.C. rastogi n namita mendiratta. The book/books should cover all topics ranging from concepts to algorithms and tools ...

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    1455 days ago

  • Next generation sequencing(NGS) books

    Employing different technologies, the purpose of NGS platform is to decode the identity or modification on the nucleotides. NGS platforms evolve quickly and capture the main stream. This bookmark is created to provide NGS online books links.

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  • Free programming books #Books #Programming

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  • R Graphical Cookbook by Winston Chang

    R Graphical Cookbook by Winston Chang A very nice book by Winston Chang for R ethusiast. The R code presented in these pages is the R code actually used to produce the Figures in the book. There will be differences compared to the code chunks shown in the text of the book, but in most cases...

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    438 days ago

  • Bookmarks Biostatistics materials and books

    Biostatistics did not spring fully formed from the brow of R. A. Fisher, but evolved over many years. This process is continuing, although it may not be obvious from the outside. It has been ten years since the first edition of this book appeared (and rather longer since it was begun). Over this ...

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  • Bioistats Online course

    One of our primary focuses will be to develop an understanding of the various ways in which we can assign a probability to some chance event. We'll also learn the fundamental properties of probability, investigate how probability behaves, and learn how to calculate the probability of a ...

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