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  • Bio++ : C Language libraries for your biological need

    C has always been a language that never attempts to tie a programmer down - it allows for easy implementation, it comes with a genuinely useful standard library that can itself be implemented in C, and it is both efficient and portable. C has always appealed to systems programmers who like the te...

    Tags: C, C++, Bio++, C libraries, Biological Libraries

    1614 days ago

  • Manshi Raghubanshi

    I recently join Bioinformatics as a post grad student. My interest is in genomics and next generation sequencing technologies. I love to explore the area and do my research in it.

    Skills: Biotechnology, Bioinformatics. Creative writting, Perl, C, C++

    1029 days ago

  • Deepak

    i am simple , straight forward , scientific , good observer and listener, divine, spiritual , kind , boring , respectfull , lazy , naughty (i.e i always behave as a child whom i am close with), some times very serious and sometimes funny like a small child , always want to meet and chat with good...

    Skills: C, C++, Java, SQL, Perl, HTML etc.

    1266 days ago

  • Vishwas Uttam

    Skills: Database, Perl, PHP, MySQL, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Shell Scripting

    1254 days ago

  • Madhvan Reddy

    I am new to bioinformatics. I recently join B.Tech Bioinformatics courses. Wish to interact amonst other bioinformatician and learn new things.

    Skills: C, C++, Genomics, Perl

    1297 days ago

  • A fast package to parse BLAST

    In current era, we are handling huge amount of genomics data, and analysing it to make some biological sense out of it. Large-scale sequence studies requiring BLAST-based analysis produce huge amounts of data to be parsed. There are several BLAST parsers are available, but they are often missing ...

    Tags: BLAST, Parser, BLAST Parser, C++

    1556 days ago

  • Shyam I

    I am a good Bioinformatic guy, Having good knowledge of  Life science domine with nice programming skill. I always thinking and looking for new ideas.

    Skills: Perl, Python, Biopython, C+, C++, Drug designing, System biology approach, Sequence analysis.

    482 days ago

  • Shikha Logwani

    Work in the area of molecular modelling, drug design ... 

    Skills: Python, C++, Several proteomics software

    742 days ago

  • Andaleeb

    Skills: C++, Data mining, Perl, Protein sequence/structure annotation

    784 days ago

  • MineshJ

    Skills: C, C++, JAVA, Perl, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, HTML, XML, R, Matlab, Schrodinger, Discovery Studio, MOE, ChemDraw, Marvin, Modeller, Cytoscape, Cell Designer

    537 days ago