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  • Lateral Gene Transfer Is Enriched in Cancer Samples

    There has been always a confusion on cancer and bacteria relationship. This is the first paper which shows lateral gene transfer causes cancer.  Find more at

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    1645 days ago

  • Cancer's origins revealed

    Researchers have provided the first comprehensive compendium of mutational processes that drive tumour development. Together, these mutational processes explain most mutations found in 30 of the most common cancer types. This new understanding of cancer development could help to treat and prevent...

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    1621 days ago

  • DNA Bending Propensity in the Presence of Base Mismatches: Implications for DNA Repair

    Understanding how the human body recognizes damaged DNA and initiates repair fascinates Michael Feig, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology at Michigan State University. Feig studies the proteins MutS and MSH2-MSH6, which recognize defective DNA and initiate DNA repair. Natural DNA repa...

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    1617 days ago

  • Cancers cure is on the way !!!

    The study on blind mole rat (Spalax) was carried out by researchers from the University of Haifa, Israel, and published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal BMC Biology. The blind mole rat (Spalax) is an intriguing creature worthy of study. This was animal research examining the resistance su...

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    1461 days ago

  • Paper test for cancer !!!

    The American Cancer Society projects the numbers of new cancer cases and deaths expected each year in order to estimate the contemporary cancer burden, because cancer incidence and mortality data lag three to four years behind the current year. In addition, the regularly updated Facts & Figur...

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    1427 days ago

  • Cancer research database

    Researchers in Andhra Pradesh have developed a database to identify genes that are common in tumours to provide their colleagues with easy access to insights into the genetic alterations in cancer.   The database, hosted at the Sri Venkateswara University (SVU) in Tirupati, will integrate in...

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    874 days ago