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  • ChromHMM: Chromatin state discovery and characterization

    ChromHMM is software for learning and characterizing chromatin states. ChromHMM can integrate multiple chromatin datasets such as ChIP-seq data of various histone modifications to discover de novo the major re-occuring combinatorial and spatial patterns of marks. ChromHMM is based on a multivaria...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, ChromHMM, Chromatin, Discovery, Characterization, Chromosome

    305 days ago

  • RAMI: a tool for identification and characterization of phylogenetic clusters in microbial communities

    RAMI, which clusters related nodes in a phylogenetic tree based on the patristic distance. RAMI also produces indices of cluster properties and other indices used in population and community studies on-the-fly. Availability: RAMI is licensed under GNU GPL and can be run or downloaded from&n...

    Tags: RAMI, tool, identification, characterization, phylogenetic, clusters, microbial, communities

    195 days ago

  • NanoSim: nanopore sequence read simulator based on statistical characterization.

    NanoSim, a fast and scalable read simulator that captures the technology-specific features of ONT data and allows for adjustments upon improvement of nanopore sequencing technology. The first step of NanoSim is read characterization, which provides a comprehensive alignment-based analysis and gen...

    Tags: NanoSim, nanopore, sequence, read, simulator, statistical, characterization

    62 days ago