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  • ChromHMM: Chromatin state discovery and characterization

    ...ware for learning and characterizing chromatin states. ChromHMM can integrate multiple chromatin datasets such as ChIP-seq dat...dels the presence or absence of each chromatin mark. The resulting model can...duces files with genome-wide maps of chromatin state annotations that can be...

    239 days ago

  • QuIN’s web server

    ...c locations can interact with each other via chromatin folding and affect gene expre...e tools. Moreover, network representation of chromatin interaction maps enables effe...etwork theory approaches for the analysis of chromatin interaction datasets. To fill...

    535 days ago

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  • Chromatin dynamics #Chromosome #Dynamics #Chromatin #Epigenetic

    1083 days ago

  • Chromatin Interactions: Moving Beyond Description #Chromatin #Epigenetics

    1050 days ago

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  • Hoffman Lab

    They develop machine learning techniques to better understand chromatin biology. These models and algorithms transform high-dimensional functional genomics data into interpretable patterns and lead to new biological insight.

    702 days ago

  • Manolis Kellis Lab

    ...ic variation on molecular phenotypes and human disease. We develop methods for integrating diverse functional genomic datasets of transcription, chromatin modifications, regulator bind...

    683 days ago



  • NEMO: a tool for analyzing gene and chromosome territory distributions from 3D-FISH experiments #NEMO #Chromatin #Territory

    Tags: NEMO, Chromatin, Territory

    1208 days ago

  • HiBrowse: Multi-purpose statistical analysis of genome-wide chromatin 3D organization #Chromatin #HiBro

    Tags: Chromatin, HiBro

    1208 days ago

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