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  • #High-quality #genome #(re)assembly using #chromosomal contact data

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    693 days ago

  • CHSMiner: a GUI tool to identify chromosomal homologous segments

    Background The identification of chromosomal homologous segments (CHS) within and between genomes is essential for comparative genomics. Various processes including insertion/deletion and inversion could cause the degeneration of CHSs. Results Here we present a Java software CHSMiner tha...

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    65 days ago

  • Comparative Genomics !!

    Comparative Genomics !!

    Comparative genomics is a field of biological research in which the genome sequences of different species — human, mouse, and a wide variety of other organisms from bacteria to chimpanzees — are compared. This group is dedicated to Comparative genomics ... 

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    Chromosomal rearrangement events are caused by abnormal breaking and rejoining of DNA molecules. They are responsible for many of the cancer related diseases. Detecting the DNA breaking and repairing mechanism, therefore, may offer vital clues about the pathologic causes and diagnostic/therapeuti...

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