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  • Y-chromosome is worthless!!!

    The testis determinant factor Sry and the spermatogonial proliferation factor Eif2s3y genes of Y-chromosome play role in sex determination and performing first stage of spermatogenesis respectively. Paper:

    1484 days ago

  • Chromatin: From nucleosomes to chromosomes, 30 April - 2 May 2014

    ...e Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference Chromatin: From nucleosomes to chromosomes, which continues EMBL-EBI se...meeting will bring together the leading researchers in chromatin and chromosome structure, epigenetic gene re...

    1594 days ago

  • Breaking chromosomes to study cancer !!!

    Chromosomes are present in every cell of...s that are arranged along the chromosomes. There are usually 46 chromosomes in every cell. These of another, non-homologous chromosome. These exchanges may produce...ook forward to modeling other chromosome translocations in a variety o...

    1248 days ago