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  • Page Lab at Whitehead Institute, MIT

    They study the foundations of mammalian reproduction, with particular focus on sex chromosome biology and evolution, the fetal origins of gametes, and infertility. PI webpage : htt...

    1589 days ago

  • Nieduszynski Group

    ...mplete, accurate replication of the genome is essential for life. All chromosomes in eukaryotic cells must using genetic, genomic and computational methods to understand how chromosome replication is regulated to e...

    1178 days ago

  • Yannick Wurm Lab

    ...2. discovered that a fundamental social trait in this species (how many queens are accepted in the colony) is determined by variants of a social chromosome (Nature 2013). 3. describe...

    1228 days ago

  • Genome Stability Laboratory

    The bakers yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae is an ideal model organism to understand mechanisms of meiotic chromosome segregation. In S. cerevisiae and in mammals, the majority of meioti...

    650 days ago