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  • The dynamics of chromosome evolution in birds and mammals #Chromosome #Evolution #Birds #Mammals

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  • Chromatin dynamics #Chromosome #Dynamics #Chromatin #Epigenetic

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  • 3D genome #Genome #3D #Chromosome

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  • ChromEvol

    Chromosome number is a remarkably dynamic feature of eukaryotic evolution. Chromosome numbers can change by a duplication of the whole genome (a process termed polyploidy), or by single chromosome changes (ascending dysploidy via, e.g., chromosome fission or descending dysploidy via, e.g., chromo...

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    1057 days ago

  • Map genome-wide DNA double-strand breaks using next generation sequencing #DNA #Breaks #Chromosome #Sequencing #Genome

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  • Ryan E. Mills Lab

    Our research group is primarily focused on the analysis of whole genome sequence data to identify genetic variation (primarily structural variation) and examine their potential functional impact in disease phenotypes. We are particularly interested in analyzing complex regions of the genome that ...

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  • Chromosomal Rearrangements Fuel Rapid Adaptation in Yeast Populations #Adaptation #Revert #Evolution #Yeast #Breakpoint #Chromosome

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    892 days ago

  • Raphael Lab

    Raphael Lab research is focused on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Current research interests include next-generation DNA sequencing, structural variation, genome rearrangements in cancer and evolution, and network analysis of somatic mutations in cancer. Earlier research included to...

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  • 3D genome data and tool #Chromosome #HiC #Analysis #Construction #Visualization #Modeling #3D #Genome #Structures

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  • Kamaleshwar Singh Lab

    The focus of Dr. Singh’s research and teaching is on the molecular mechanistic basis for environmental carcinogen-induced genetic (DNA damage) and epigenetic changes, and susceptibility to human cancer development More at

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