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  • Syntax for Secure Copy (scp) the directory "chromosome" from the local host to a remote host's directory "bar"    $ scp -r chromosome

    1371 days ago

  • Genome Assembly Tools and Software - PART2 !!

    ...titch support is SOAPdenovo. RACA – Reference-Assisted Chromosome AssemblyRACA is an algor...ethod that exploits contact probability map data (e.g. from Hi-C) for chromosome-scale de novo genome assembly...

    355 days ago

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  • Chromosome Visualization Tool: A Whole Genome Viewer #Chromosome #Visualize #Plot #Perl

    1192 days ago

  • The dynamics of chromosome evolution in birds and mammals #Chromosome #Evolution #Birds #Mammals

    1086 days ago

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  • BioGeek Fun

    ...sp;           $beginChromosome=$2;    . . . ....bsp; 5. Perl messageif ($1) { print “Just found a the error in chromosome !!!, yahoo…”; el...

    1370 days ago

  • The Best Bioinformatics / Computational Biology Quotes

    ...out. Never underestimate the internet bandwidth, u gotta incomplete. Applied fuzzy logic to understand God's logic? Warning! Overflow, delete chromosome ! Be nice to the BioGeek, fo...

    1389 days ago




  • Page Lab at Whitehead Institute, MIT

    They study the foundations of mammalian reproduction, with particular focus on sex chromosome biology and evolution, the fetal origins of gametes, and infertility. PI webpage : Ted Presentation : Lab w...

    Tags: Chromosome, Mammalian reproduction, Sex chromosome

    1589 days ago

  • DNA is packaged in a chromosome experiment

    For more information, log on to- Download the study materials here- A nucleosome is the basic unit of DNA packaging in eukaryotes, consisting of a segment of DNA wound in sequence around four histone protein cores...

    Tags: Chromosome, DNA, Histone

    1546 days ago

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