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  • Clean the FASTA file

    Mostly FASTA file contain NNN characters, which can be replace by random A T G C character with this perl script. It also print the FASTA sequence name, N's counts, nucleotide count and percentage details at command prompt/standard output.  

    Tags: Fasta, Clean, Perl, NNN charaters

    1601 days ago

  • The clean R graphs #R #Graphs #Clean #Plot

    Tags: R, Graphs, Clean, Plot

    539 days ago

  • To clean up a fasta file so only first column of the header is outputted:$ awk '{print $1}' file.fa > output.fa #Sed #Clean #Header #Fasta

    Tags: Sed, Clean, Header, Fasta

    306 days ago

  • awk 'BEGIN {RS = ">" ; FS = "\n" ; ORS = ""} {if ($2) print ">"$0}' all_p_ctg.fa > all_p_ctg_CORRECTED.fa #remove #empty #clean #fasta

    Tags: remove, empty, clean, fasta

    69 days ago