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    Brief description: Currently, I'm pursuing a PhD at Bioinformatics Centre, University of Pune, Pune, India. I have developed an algorithm for alignment-free sequence analysis with its applications in molecular phylogeny, clustering and sero/genotyping .

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  • List of gene ontology software and tools

    ...ce) is a data-mining tool that can be used to identify significant co-clustering of genes with similar functio...alysis to determine if any statistically significant gene ontology co-clustering has occurred. http://pathcur...

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  • Orthology Detection Combining Clustering and Synteny for Very Large Datasets #Chromosome #Clustering #Synteny

    1235 days ago

  • Introduction to Clustering Algorithms and Applications #Clustering #Algorithms #Bioinformatics #Applications

    1281 days ago

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  • R package for visualising GO enrichment

    An R package that visualizes the GO enrichment results as word clouds and arranges them together with figures of experimental data. This allows us to draw informative summary plots for analyses such as differential expression or clustering, where for each gene list we display its behaviour in the...

    Tags: R, GO, Gene Enrichments, Clustering, GO annotation, CRAN

    1675 days ago

  • Introduction to Clustering Algorithms and Applications #Clustering #Algorithms #Bioinformatics #Applications

    Tags: Clustering, Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Applications

    1281 days ago

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