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  • Landry Lab

    EVOLUTIONARY AND INTEGRATIVE CELL BIOLOGY Our research is at the crossroad between cell biology, ecological genomics, systems biology, molecular evolution and population genetics. We study the architecture and e...

    1286 days ago

  • Pandey Lab

    The Pandey Lab at Johns Hopkins University is a Systems Biology lab that combines molecular biology, analytical chemistry and computational biology with various "Omics" technologies including genomics and proteomic...

    1587 days ago

  • Molecular and Computational Biology Research School

    The ambition of the Molecular and Computational Biology Research School (MCB) is to create an attractive and stimulating t...aining environment for PhD students in molecular and computational biology, both to better serve the nee...

    1587 days ago

  • Rolland-Lagan lab

    The Rolland-Lagan lab at the University of Ottawa is specializing in computational and developmental biology. We use a combination of dimensions. Research Area Developmental biology, Computational biology, Simul...

    1655 days ago

  • MIT Computational Biology Group

    My research group consists primarily of computer science gradu...ironment at the interface of Computer Science and Biology. Since its inception, our lab...Broad Institute and the Computational and Systems Biology initiative (CSBi) at MIT, our...

    1132 days ago

  • Ron Milo Lab

    This research group brings the tools of systems biology to bear on the grand challenges of sustain...f computational and experimental synthetic biology tools. Ron Milo Lab researc...ssible and collaborative quantitative cell biology

    1615 days ago

  • The Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB), Bailey Lab

    Pattern recognition and computational biology MEME Suite software development; gene expression; mathematical modelling; gene regulation and transcription Specialization: Pattern recognition and modelling in computational biology Link @

    1655 days ago

  • Nataša Pržulj Lab

    Nataša Pržulj Lab's research involves applications of graph th...large-scale problems in computational and systems biology.They are interested in comput...ns to practical problems in many areas of systems biology, planar cell polarity, proteo...

    1608 days ago

  • Nicolas Corradi Lab

    The goal of our research is to better understand the biology of microbial organisms of significant ecological, veterinary and...ext generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatics with molecular biology and experimental procedures....

    973 days ago

  • Tijana Milenkovic Lab

    Complex networks and network mining: developing graph theoreti...hnological networks. Computational and systems biology: studying the interplay betwe...utational drug discovery and design. Synthetic biology. More at http://www.cse.nd...

    1608 days ago