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  • Comparative Genomics #Comparative #Genomics

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  • Sequence - Evolution - Function; Computational Approaches in Comparative Genomics

    Sequence - Evolution - Function is an introduction to the computational approaches that play a critical role in the emerging new branch of biology known as functional genomics. The book provides the reader with an understanding of the principles and approaches of functional genomics and of t...

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    132 days ago

  • Computational Genomics: Applied Comparative Genomics

    The primary goal of the course is for students to be grounded in theory and leave the course empowered to conduct independent genomic analyses. We will study the leading computational and quantitative approaches for comparing and analyzing genomes starting from raw sequencing data. The cours...

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  • Comparative genomics scripts

    Comparative genomics educational material and papers bookmarks

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  • Beginner’s #guide to #comparative #bacterial genome #analysis using #next-generation sequence data

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  • phyloXML: XML for evolutionary biology and comparative genomics

    phyloXML (example) is an XML language designed to describe phylogenetic trees (or networks) and associated data. PhyloXML provides elements for commonly used features, such as taxonomic information, gene names and identifiers, branch lengths, support values, and gene duplication an...

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  • kraken: A universal genomic coordinate translator for comparative genomics

    If you planning on conducting a study involving dozens of large genomes, then you do not have to run all pairwise synteny alignments .. simply try kraken: A universal genomic coordinate translator for comparative genomics

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