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  • A New Online Computational Biology Curriculum #Computational #Biology #Curriculum

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    1345 days ago

  • #Computational #Cancer Biology: An #Evolutionary Perspective

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    720 days ago

  • The #Development of #Computational Biology in #SouthAfrica: #Successes Achieved and #Lessons Learnt

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    725 days ago

  • 4DGenome

    Records in 4DGenome are compiled through comprehensive literature curation of experimentally-derived and computationally-predicted interactions. The current release contains 4,433,071 experimentally-derived and 3,605,176 computationally-predicted interactions in 5 organisms. Experimental data cov...

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    594 days ago

  • List of GOI approved peer reviewed bioinformatics and computational biology journals

    Unfortunately, we now live in a world where the integrity of peer-reviewed journals is being threatened by the rise of the academic version of fake news – something many call “predatory publishing".  Mostly in academic publishing world, "predatory open access publishing" is an ex...

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    299 days ago

  • Visiting Scientist - Computational Genomics

    ICRISAT is a non-profit, non-political organization that conducts agricultural research for development in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa with a wide array of partners throughout the world. ICRISAT and its partners help empower those living in the semi-arid tropics, especially smallholder farmers, t...

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    216 days ago

  • Sequence - Evolution - Function; Computational Approaches in Comparative Genomics

    Sequence - Evolution - Function is an introduction to the computational approaches that play a critical role in the emerging new branch of biology known as functional genomics. The book provides the reader with an understanding of the principles and approaches of functional genomics and of t...

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    196 days ago

  • Computational Genomics: Applied Comparative Genomics

    The primary goal of the course is for students to be grounded in theory and leave the course empowered to conduct independent genomic analyses. We will study the leading computational and quantitative approaches for comparing and analyzing genomes starting from raw sequencing data. The cours...

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    81 days ago

  • Linux Commands Cheat Sheet for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Professionals

    The purpose of this cheat sheet is to introduce biologist and bioinformatician to the frequently used tools for NGS analysis as well as giving experience in writing one-liners. File System ls — list items in current directory ls -l — list items in current directory and sh...

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    12 days ago

  • Computational resources for TE discovery and TE detection

    Transposable Elements (TEs) to genome structure and evolution as well as their impact on genome sequencing, assembly, annotation and alignment has generated increasing interest in developing new methods for their computational analysis. Following are the list of resource and location for TE dis...

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    6 days ago