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  • Blobsplorer

    Blobsplorer is a tool for interactive visualization of assembled DNA sequence data ("contigs") derived from (often unintentionally) mixed-species pools. It allows the simultaneous display of GC content, coverage, and taxonomic annotation for collections of contigs with a view to separating out th...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Blobsplorer, Visualization, Assembled DNA, Sequence, contigs, Species, Pools.

    462 days ago

  • #Clustering metagenomic #contigs on #tetranucleotide frequency

    Tags: Clustering, contigs, tetranucleotide

    200 days ago

  • Understanding N50 #N50 #Assembly #Genome #Contigs

    Tags: N50, Assembly, Genome, Contigs

    375 days ago

  • BIGMAC : breaking inaccurate genomes and merging assembled contigs for long read metagenomic assembly

    This tool is for users to upgrade their metagenomics assemblies using long reads. This includes fixing mis-assemblies and scaffolding/gap-filling. If you encounter any issues, please contact me at My name is Ka-Kit Lam. ht...

    Tags: BIGMAC, Breaking, Inaccurate, Genomes, Merging, Assembled, Contigs, Long, Read, Metagenomic, Assembly

    120 days ago

  • SuRankCo: supervised ranking of contigs in de novo assemblies

    SuRankCo is a machine learning based software to score and rank contigs from de novo assemblies of next generation sequencing data. It trains with alignments of contigs with known reference genomes and predicts scores and ranking for contigs which have no related reference genome yet. https://bm...

    Tags: SuRankCo, Supervised, Ranking, Contigs, Assemblies

    118 days ago

  • What is the difference between _c and rep_c types of consensus sequences in MIRA?

    MIRA produces contigs with varied names: 1)>projName_c[number] 2)>projName_rep_c[number] What is the difference between these two types of consensus sequences?

    Tags: MIRA, Contigs, c, rep, NGS, Assembly, Genome

    32 days ago