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  • fastq to fasta convertor $ sed -n '1~4s/^@/>/p;2~4p' test.fastq > test.fasta #Convert #Fasta #Fastq #fa #fq

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    256 days ago

  • MiraConvert #MIRA #Assembler #Convert

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    411 days ago

  • Convert a SAM file to tab-delimited alignment coordinates #SAM #BAM #Convert #Tab

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    326 days ago

  • Convert MAF file format #MAF #Convert #Format

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    258 days ago

  • MAF2Synteny #Convert #Synteny #MAF #Ragout

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    257 days ago

  • Convert masked genome to N letters. $ perl -pe '/^[^>]/ and $_=~ s/[a-z]/N/g' genomic.fna > genomic.N-masked.fna #Genome #Masked #N #Convert

    Tags: Genome, Masked, N, Convert

    229 days ago

  • Converting BLAST output into CSV

    Suppose we wanted to do something with all this BLAST output. Generally, that’s the case - you want to retrieve all matches, or do a reciprocal BLAST, or something. As with most programs that run on UNIX, the text output is in some specific format. If the program is popular enough, there w...

    Tags: Convert, BLAST, output, CSV, blastn, megablast

    43 days ago

  • Fastq 2 fasta. $ sed -n '1~4s/^@/>/p;2~4p' test.fastq > test.fasta #fastq #fasta #convert

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    60 days ago

  • Converting FASTQ to FASTA

    There are several ways you can convert fastq to fasta sequences. Some methods are listed below. Using SED sed can be used to selectively print the desired lines from a file, so if you print the first and 2rd line of every 4 lines, you get the sequence header and sequence need...

    Tags: fasta, fastq, convert, sed, awk, seqtk, bioawk, fastx, Emboss, fastq2fasta

    11 days ago