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  • QuorUM: An Error Corrector for Illumina Reads

    Illumina Sequencing data can provide high coverage of a genome by relatively short (most often 100 bp to 150 bp) reads at a low cost. Even with low (advertised 1%) error rate, 100 × coverage Illumina data on average has an error in some read at every base in the genome. These errors make ha...

    Tags: QuorUM, Error, Corrector, Illumina, Reads

    109 days ago

  • Musket: a multistage k-mer spectrum based corrector

    Musket is a well-established leading next-generation sequencing read error correction algorithm targetting Illumina sequencing. This corrector employs the k-mer spectrum approach and introduces three correction techniques in a multistage workflow. Our performance evaluation results, in ...

    Tags: Musket, multistage, k-mer, spectrum, corrector

    81 days ago