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  • DNA Bending Propensity in the Presence of Base Mismatches: Implications for DNA Repair

    ...w the human body recognizes damaged DNA and initiates repair fascinat...SH2-MSH6, which recognize defective DNA and initiate DNA repair. Natu...nsible for recognizing a variety of DNA mismatches) scan the DNA, ide...(containing A:T or G:C base pairs). DNA repair mechanisms likely take...

    1435 days ago

  • Genome Origami folding. If we stretched out the DNA in a single cell, which is on...In other word, the size of six feet DNA fold themself to fit in a few...have been trying to understand how DNA folds itself up so long as we’ve known about DNA. How, for example, do nerve c...

    955 days ago

  • Sequencing By Xpansion

    Sequencing By Xpansion (SBX) is a DNA sequencing method that uses a simple biochemical reaction to encode the sequence of a DNA molecule into a highly To achieve this, an Xpandomer replaces each DNA sequence with a sequence of l...

    768 days ago

  • Edit DNA !!!

    ...own as Crispr may allow scientists to alter the DNA of humans, animals and plants...long )shows significance of an unusual repeated DNA sequences next to a gene in htt...

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  • Oldest Hominin DNA Sequenced

    ...sequencing highly degraded ancient DNA. They then joined forces with...e from the cave. They extracted its DNA and sequenced the genome of t...compared this ancient mitochondrial DNA with Neandertals, Denisovans,...ominins brought the Denisova-like mtDNA into the Sima hominins or the...

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  • DNA tale of 3 to 4 years old Serbia boy

    ...und 24,000 years ago came out as close relative of Europeans and Native Indians. Link:

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  • Illumina Smartphone Chip !!!

    ...mplifying the process of genetic sequencing. Currently, Illumina’s DNA sequencers are gigantic machi...hers are also working on finding the optimal technology for this on-chip DNA sequencing - be it electrical...

    937 days ago

  • 700,000 year old horse!!!

    ..., Centre for GeoGenetics have beaten sequencing of the ancient DNA record by about 10 times...12323.html

    1335 days ago

  • Webinar on Fast and Accurate DNA Variant Calling on 26 Apr 2017

    Continuing our DNA-Seq webinar series, we'll present Strand NGS v3.0 best-practices: a workflow that identifies highly accurate variants from raw reads. Our best practices...

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  • Bio-Rad Acquires GnuBIO

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