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  • BioProgramming

    ...mpletion of the first human genome drafts was just a start of the modern DNA sequencing era which resulted..., improved development toward new advanced strategies of high-throughput DNA sequencing, so called the &ld...

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  • Tools for Searching Repeats And Palindromic Sequences

    ...o a sequence of nucleotides along a DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RN...of transcription by RNA polymerase, DNA strands have upstream and dow...ach end. The ends of each strand of DNA or RNA are termed the 5' (pho...endobucleases) designed to cut the DNA strands at specific locations...

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  • Hidden Markov Models, Viterbi Algorithm, Markov Chain Exploration with script

    ...ithm, and CpG Islands (in VB6) Problem : The CG island is a stretch of DNA (usually longer than 200 base...sequence. Find step wise explanationand implementation steps at

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  • NGS Glossary !! paired-end sequencing, both ends of a single DNA or RNA fragment are sequenced...sequencing process where both ends of a single DNA or RNA fragment are sequencing process where only one end of a DNA or RNA fragment is sequenced....

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  • Phylogenetic & Molecular Genetics Terms and Definitions

    ...hat ideally reflects evolutionary history. cDNA -- Complementary DNA; DNA that is synthesized, by...l coding sequence isolated at random from a cDNA library, used for they do with any other clade. repetitive DNA -- Sequences of DNA that are...

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  • Genetic Test in India

    ...1 Madhapur,HyderabadAP, India 3. DNA Labs India  ...nbsp; 6.BioAxis DNA Research Centre Private Limit...a.Phone: +91 (0)11 29236088, Email: 9.SRL Limited GP-26, M...

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  • Genomics for Bioinformatician

    ...ludes intensive efforts to determine the entire DNA sequence of organisms and fin...nd prints chromatogram files from ABI automated DNA sequencers, and Staden SCF A system for finding genes in microbial DNA, especially the genomes of ba...

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  • Next generation sequencing in R or bioconductor environment

    ...allows to search a set of unaligned DNA sequences for a shared motif...regions as input and outputs short DNA sequences that are overrepres...eak calling package for identifying DNA binding sites of proteins in...RANGE TopHat SpliceMap SplitSeek DNA-Methylation Data Analysis...

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  • Best book Titles for Learning Bionformatics

    ...ll F. Doolittle (Editor), 1996, Academic Press DNA and Protein Sequence Analysis...Mathematical Society Mathematical Methods for DNA Sequences, Michael S. Waterma...ow (Editors), 2002, Kluwer Academic Publishers DNA Microarrays and Gene Expressi...

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  • Useful Links for Bioinformaticians

    ...ials/ Tutorialindex.html Understand DNA tutorials/recomb_DNA.html

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