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  • Bienko and Crosetto Labs

    ...nterested in exploring the fundamental design principles controlling how DNA is packed in the eukaryotic n...ular methods for single-cell and spatially resolved omic measurements of DNA, RNA, and proteins, with a st...

    191 days ago

  • Sundar Lab

    Area of interest Understanding DNA-protein interactions, genome engineering Computational Genomics...midine synthase of Leishmania donovani " "Towards modifying nature's DNA-recognition system" "Yiel...

    1518 days ago

  • Kamaleshwar Singh Lab

    The focus of Dr. Singh’s research and teaching is on the molecular mechanistic basis for environmental carcinogen-induced genetic (DNA damage) and epigenetic changes, and susceptibility to human cancer development More at

    604 days ago

  • The Upton (VBRC) lab

    This Bioinformatics Resource (, the Canadian half of the now defunct VBRC) focuses on large DNA viruses: Poxviruses African Swine Fever Viruses Iridoviruses Baculovi...

    1589 days ago

  • Raphael Lab

    Raphael Lab research is focused on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Current research interests include next-generation DNA sequencing, structural variation, genome rearr...

    869 days ago

  • LAPTI Lab

    The main theme of our research is the understanding of how genetic information is decoded from DNA into RNA and proteins. Someone may find this topic a little strange and argue that...

    1438 days ago

  • The Kingsley Lab span. Although the genomes of many organisms have now been completely sequenced, Kingsley lab still know relatively little about the specific DNA sequence changes that underli...

    534 days ago

  • Nicolas Corradi Lab

    ...obial organisms of significant ecological, veterinary and medical importance. To achieve this goal, our team combines the power of next generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatic...

    908 days ago

  • Bahlo Lab

    ...a of research is linkage mapping, in humans and mice. Research Area: Mapping loci in ENU mutants in mice in complex pedigrees Investigation of DNA sharing in distantly related...

    1589 days ago

  • Eivind Hovig's Lab

    ...tion in the nucleus gene silencing metastatic cross-talk kinase signaling personalized medicine detection of biomarkers in cancer historical DNA variation From : http://ww...

    1537 days ago