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  • Scripted DNA !!!

    As per bioinformatician DNA is partially scripted ;) You dont believe in it. Please have a look at image carefully:)

    767 days ago

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  • Compressive Genomics

    ...ut the actual amount of new data is very small. In other words, a single DNA sequence isn't particularly c...Armstrong)

    1503 days ago

  • Does anyone have Nanopore latest updates?

    ...earch, personalised medicine, crop science, security/defence and more. The platform technology uses nanopores to analyse single molecules including DNA/RNA and proteins. With a broa...

    1397 days ago


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  • Bienko and Crosetto Labs

    ...nterested in exploring the fundamental design principles controlling how DNA is packed in the eukaryotic n...ular methods for single-cell and spatially resolved omic measurements of DNA, RNA, and proteins, with a st...

    134 days ago

  • Sundar Lab

    Area of interest Understanding DNA-protein interactions, genome engineering Computational Genomics...midine synthase of Leishmania donovani " "Towards modifying nature's DNA-recognition system" "Yiel...

    1460 days ago

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  • How DNA is Packaged (Advanced)

    ...the 6,400,000,000 basepairs (DNA building blocks) that make up...DNA Interactive ( ). TRANSCRIPT: In this a...rotein subunits attach to the DNA molecule. The combined tight...the end of cell division, our DNA becomes less highly organized...

    1460 days ago

  • How I discovered DNA - James Watson

    View full lesson: Nobel laureate James Watson opens TED2005 with the frank and funny story of how he and his research partner, Francis Crick, discovered the structure of DNA. Talk by James Watson.

    1435 days ago

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