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    Awk is widely used these days for extraction and manipulation of large scale biological data in Unix/Linux.Most of the awk code is single liner. Useful Weblinks:

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  • Automatic Filtering, Trimming, Error Removing and Quality Control for fastq data

    Automatic Filtering, Trimming, Error Removing and Quality Control for fastq dataAfterQC can simply go through all fastq files in a folder and then output three folders: good, bad and QC folders, which contains good reads, bad reads and the QC results of each fastq fi...

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    64 days ago

  • poRe: an R package for the visualization and analysis of nanopore sequencing data

    Motivation: The Oxford Nanopore MinION device represents a unique sequencing technology. As a mobile sequencing device powered by the USB port of a laptop, the MinION has huge potential applications. To enable these applications, the bioinformatics community will need to design and build a s...

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    54 days ago

  • Understanding MinION data #data #understand #learn

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  • RITA: Rapid identification of high-confidence taxonomic assignments for metagenomic data

    RITA is a standalone software package and Web server for taxonomic assignment of metagenomic sequence reads. By combining homology predictions from BLAST or UBLAST with compositional classifications from a Naive Bayes classifier, RITA is able to achieve very high accuracy on short reads. Unlike o...

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