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  • Bioinformatics Definitions

    "Bioinformatics is a science of biological predictions and analysis" -- Jitendra Narayan "The mathematical, statistical and computing methods that aim to solve biological problems using DNA and amino acid sequences and related information." "The collection, organization and analysis of lar...

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  • Bioinformatics Articles links

    I found several useful bioinformatics articles which exaplain, define and elaborate the bioinformatics in scientific way. Therefore, instead of writting it again I decided to share it with you. Here is the list of some useful bioinformatics articles: What is Bioinformatics - An intro...

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  • Phylogenetic & Molecular Genetics Terms and Definitions

    analog -- A feature that appears similar in two taxa which have originated from two different ancestors. ancestor -- Any organism, population, or species from which some other organism, population, or species is descended by reproduction. apomorphy -- specialized (=derived) characters of an org...

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