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  • Rolf Backofen Lab

    ...implified protein models, investigation of protein energy landscapes, detection of RNA sequence/structure mot...rediction and evaluation of alternative splice forms, description and detection of regulatory sequences. L...

    1642 days ago

  • Mike Ritchie Lab

    Mike Ritchie Lab primary research focus is the detection of susceptibility genes for common diseases such as...opment and application of new statistical methods with a focus on the detection of gene-gene interactions ass...

    1570 days ago

  • BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences Centre

    Research Area Genome analysis, genome visualization, mutation detection, molecular docking, comparative genomics, cancer informatics Link @

    1650 days ago

  • Smyth Lab

    ...rchers from mathematical and biological backgrounds. Research Area: Linear models for microarray data Digital gene expression technologies Detection of molecular pathways Bioinf...

    1650 days ago

  • Eivind Hovig's Lab

    ...s three-dimensional organization of information in the nucleus gene silencing metastatic cross-talk kinase signaling personalized medicine detection of biomarkers in cancer his...

    1598 days ago

  • Troyanskaya Lab

    ...ental defects in model systems. Research Interest Genomic Data Integration Microarray Analysis Gene and Protein Function Prediction Detection and Analysis of Chromosomal A...

    1554 days ago

  • Donnelly Centre of Cellular & Biomolecular Research (CCBR), Bader Lab

    ...d network databases and visualization and analysis software. Predicting biologically relevant protein interactions Cellular network evolution Detection of cell type and stage active...

    1650 days ago