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  • The Mills lab

    The laboratory is focused on the discovery and analysis of structural variation (SVs...nitial fine-scale maps using a variety of SV discovery approaches including: (i) pai...nd (iv) sequence assembly, which enables the discovery of novel (non-reference) sequ...

    725 days ago

  • The Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine (CIBM)

    The Centre for Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine (CIBM) is committed to shortening the process of obtaining novel discoveries to achieve distinctively...

    1680 days ago

  • Dumontier Lab

    ...altered capabilities at the molecular level. Research Area the discovery and on-demand use of biomedical data and services the formulation, discovery and evaluation of scientific...

    1680 days ago

  • BioRG

    ...nomics of Bacterial genomes, Metagenomics, Genomic databases, Pattern Discovery in sequences and structures,...ysis, data integration, data mining, information retrieval, knowledge discovery in electronic medical records...

    929 days ago

  • AU-KBC Lab

    Conducting Clinical Trial Management Course combined with the Apollo Hospitals. Major Research in bioinformatics as Drug Discovery, Functional Genomics, Comparative genomics, Data Mining More @

    1617 days ago

  • Nataša Pržulj Lab

    ...and theoretical solutions to practical problems in many areas of systems biology, planar cell polarity, proteomics, cancer informatics, and drug discovery and design. More at http:/...

    1633 days ago

  • Papenfuss Lab

    ...ect and similar projects in disease-causing organisms such as Plasmodium falciparum, which causes malaria in humans, have provided new tools for discovery in biology and have accelerat...

    1680 days ago

  • Tijana Milenkovic Lab

    ...isease, and evolution in molecular (e.g., protein-protein interaction) networks. Computational chemistry: protein folding; computational drug discovery and design. Synthetic biol...

    1633 days ago