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  • Should you get sequenced? Not all bad genes predict disease

    “What we really don’t know yet is whether the predictive aspects of the genome are going to turn out to be beneficial or potentially harmful” “As we roll out genomic medicine we are fighting against this society-wide misconception that having the bad gene means you’...

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  • Genetic Test in India

    1.Xcode Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.6B, Eldorado, 112, Nungambakkam High Road,Nungambakkam, Chennai 600034Tamil Nadu, India  2.Mapmygenome™Royal Demeure,HUDA Techno Enclave,Plot No. 12/2, Sector-1 500 081 Madhapur,HyderabadAP, India 3. DNA Labs India http://www.dnalabsindi...

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  • #disease-causing genes #mutation #personalGenomeSequences

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  • #SNP #metabolic #atherosclerotic #cardiovascular #disease #traits

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  • Genetics, epigenetics and disease

    Royal Society GlaxoSmithKline Prize Lecture given by Professor Adrian Bird CBE FMedSci FRS on Tuesday 22 January 2013. Adrian Bird CBE FMedSci FRS is the Buchanan Chair of Genetics at the University of Edinburgh. The human genome sequence has been available for more than a decade, but its signi...

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  • Stephen Friend: The hunt for "unexpected genetic heroes"

    What can we learn from people with the genetics to get sick — who don't? With most inherited diseases, only some family members will develop the disease, while others who carry the same genetic risks dodge it. Stephen Friend suggests we start studying those family members who stay healthy. Hear a...

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  • NCBI Webinar

    In less than two weeks, NCBI will offer a webinar entitled "Introducing 3 NCBI Resources to Navigate Testing for Disease Linked Variants: MedGen, GTR and ClinVar". This webinar will delve into the lifecycle of genetic testing and teach attendees how to navigate the NIH Genetic Testing Registry, C...

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  • Ebola virus disease (EVD)or Ebola haemorrhagic fever !!!

    Ebola virus disease (EVD)or Ebola haemorrhagic fever is a severe and often deadly illness in humans, caused by the Ebola virus. The disease has high mortality rate, killing upto 90% of people who are infected. The ongoing 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak is considered to be the largest and long...

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  • Genomic burden #Genome #Burden #Mutation #Disease

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  • Is there a list of human SNPs associated with a disease?

    Looking for list of human SNPs associated with a disease? We need to evaluate a large number of human SNPs for their possible association with a disease. So far, the closest I've seen is SNPedia, but a database would be more helpful.

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