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  • Quota synteny alignment

    ...into syntenic blocks and interpret these blocks as derived from a common descent. However, when comparing two genomes undergone ancient genome duplications (plant genomes in particular)...

    172 days ago

  • mrFAST: Micro Read Fast Alignment Search Tool

    ...d mapper that is designed to map short reads to reference genome with a special emphasis on the discovery of structural variation and segmental duplications. mrFAST maps short reads with...

    633 days ago

  • DAGchainer: Computing Chains of Syntenic Genes in Complete Genomes

    ...of genomes between two organisms. Alternatively, by examining colinear sets of homologous genes found within a single genome, segmental genome duplications can be revealed. This softwa...

    336 days ago


    ...V ) mapping and SV calling from the mapping result. PRISM is able to detect small insertions and abitrary size deletions, inversions and tandom duplications with the direction of discord...

    405 days ago