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  • Genome2014

    Genomics has profoundly changed our way of conducting research in microbiology. The power of high–throughput DNA sequencing technologies, in particular the recent development of next generation sequencing allows researchers now to address an increasingly diverse range of biological problems. The ...

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    1525 days ago

  • EMBO events #EMBO #Events

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  • EMBO practical Course on "Bioinformatics and Genomes Analyses" at Hellenic Pasteur Institute, Athens, Greece

    The main objectives of this Practical Course are to strengthen skills of PhD students and young researchers in the domain of Bioinformatics and Genome Data Analyses on the use of advanced fundamental algorithms and their applications in genome studies. The course topics will include theo...

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    1458 days ago

  • Population genomics course EMBO #Italy #Genomics #Population #Course #Training #EMBO

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  • EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships

    The EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships support research visits to another laboratory in the research areas of Systems Biology and Genomic & Computational Biology. EMBO partnered with the European Association for Bioindustries (EuropaBio) to offer four EMBO | EuropaBio Fellowships that fund exch...

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    30 days ago