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  • Scripted DNA !!!

    As per bioinformatician DNA is partially scripted ;) You dont believe in it. Please have a look at image carefully:)

    916 days ago

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  • Compressive Genomics

    The key to finding a solution is to notice that most ...of new data is very small. In other words, a single DNA sequence isn't particularly

    1653 days ago

  • Does anyone have Nanopore latest updates?

    There was a lot of buzz about Oxford Nanopore Technologies® is developing t...e. The platform technology uses nanopores to analyse single molecules including DNA/RNA and proteins. With a broa...

    1546 days ago


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  • Edit distance application in bioinformatics !

    There are other popular measures of edit distance, which are calculated using a different set of allowable edit operations. For instance,...t modules on CPAN for calculating the edit distance between two strings....this module. The Damerau-Levenshtein edi...

    74 days ago

  • BioProgramming

    The completion of the first human genome drafts was just a start of the modern DNA sequencing era which resulted...nt toward new advanced strategies of high-throughput DNA sequencing, so called the &ld...

    1680 days ago

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  • Edit DNA !!!

    ...may allow scientists to alter the DNA of humans, animals and plants,...ignificance of an unusual repeated DNA sequences next to a gene in a...f life. This means a genome can be edited, much as a writer might ch...03/04/health/a-powerful-new-way-to-edit-dna.html?hpw&rref=health htt...

    1447 days ago

  • DNA Bending Propensity in the Presence of Base Mismatches: Implications for DNA Repair

    Understanding how the human body recognizes damaged DNA and initiates repair fascinates...-MSH6, which recognize defective DNA and initiate DNA repair. Natu...ble for recognizing a variety of DNA mismatches) scan the DNA, ide...ntaining A:T or G:C base pairs). DNA repair mechanisms likely take...

    1644 days ago

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  • Bienko and Crosetto Labs

    We are two groups of scientists doing frontier research the fundamental design principles controlling how DNA is packed in the eukaryotic and spatially resolved omic measurements of DNA, RNA, and proteins, with a st...

    283 days ago

  • Sundar Lab

    Area of interest Understanding DNA-protein interactions, genome engineering Computational Genomics and B...dine synthase of Leishmania donovani " "Towards modifying nature's DNA-recognition system" "Yiel...

    1609 days ago

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  • How DNA is Packaged (Advanced)

    Each chromosome consists of one co...the 6,400,000,000 basepairs (DNA building blocks) that make up...DNA Interactive ( ). TRANSCRIPT: In this a...rotein subunits attach to the DNA molecule. The combined tight...the end of cell division, our DNA becomes less highly organized...

    1609 days ago

  • How I discovered DNA - James Watson

    View full lesson: Nobel laureate James Watson opens TED2005 with the frank and funny story of how he and his research partner, Francis Crick, discovered the structure of DNA. Talk by James Watson.

    1584 days ago

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  • Genome Hackers

    Genome Hackers

    INTIMATE secrets hidden in your DNA could be stolen without you even realising. By taking a glass from which...nome hacker" could obtain a comprehensive scan of your genome, revealing DNA variants that help determine...

    1685 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Algorithms

    Bioinformatics Algorithms

    This group is being designed to cover some of the common algorithms underlying the following fundamental topics in bioinformatics: assembling genomes, comparing DNA and protein sequences, predic...

    1634 days ago

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  • Edit DNA !!!

    A genome-engineering tool known as Crispr may allow scientists to alter the DNA of humans, animals and plants, a research breakthrough that promises to make a significant impact on science and fighting diseases, according to a March 3 story in the New York Times. Scientists hope Crispr might also...

    Tags: Osaka, Edit DNA, Crispr, NYT, Editing, DNA

    1447 days ago