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  • Ensembl comparative genomics resources

    The Ensembl comparative genomics resources are o...le analysis of chordate genome data. Ensembl computes pairwise and multipl.... Gene alignments are used to define Ensembl Protein Families, GeneTrees a...r and different alignment views. The Ensembl comparative genomics infrastr...

    694 days ago

  • sockeye

    This sockeye software uses the Ensembl database project to import sequence and annotation information f...annotation objects are displayed in Sockeye by using custom 3D models. Ensembl-derived and imported sequence...

    339 days ago

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  • Ensembl 27

    ...ene models in Bacteria New assembly of tomato (version 2.50) Full support for UCSC Track Hub format for hosting your own data in Ensembl More at

    951 days ago

  • Ensembl 77 has been released!

    ...;human and mouse Imported APPRIS flag for human and mouse Updated Amazon molly gene set Find more at

    1205 days ago

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  • Demo 4: Using BLAST/BLAT in Ensembl

    We demonstrate the BLAST/BLAT tool in Ensembl. Search for a sequence in Ensembl, and identify hits to the genome, or to genes, with this tool.

    Tags: BLAST, BLAT, EnsEMBL

    1595 days ago

  • Comparative Genomics in Ensembl

    The Ensembl browser provides viewable whole-genome alignments, homologues and phylogenetic gene trees, protein families, and ancestral sequences. Learn how to view and export these data in this video.

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Genomics, Comparative Genomics, Ensembl

    1097 days ago