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  • Linux SSH Client Commands for Bioinformatics

    Here come on let play with the following basic command line usage of the ssh client.1. Check your SSH Client Version:Checking for your SSH client is very sare, but sometimes it may be necessary to identify the SSH client that you are currently running and it’s corresponding version number. ...

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    1408 days ago

  • Syntax for Secure Copy (scp)

    In our day to day research activity, we need to securely copy our data from several to local computer and visa-versa. I am jotting down some of the commonly used SCP command for your future help. Hope you all will like it What is Secure Copy?scp allows files to be copied to, from, or between d...

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    1404 days ago

  • Keep Your Important SSH Session Running when You Disconnect from Server !!!

    As a Bioinformatician/ Computational biologist we swim in the ocean of genomic/proteomics data, and play with them with an ease. In our day to day simulation, analysis, comparative study we do need to run exhaustive programs, which might take more than a week. In such cases we do need to disconne...

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    1406 days ago

  • Find certain files/documents in Linux OS

    As bioinformatician I know the fact that we usually handle the large dataset and lost in the huge numbers of files and folders. In order to search the missing file a strong search command is required. The Linux Find Command is one of the most important and much used command in Linux sytems. Find ...

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    1384 days ago

  • Bioinformatics Protocols

    RNA Seq Basic Galaxy Tutorial RNA-Seq tutorial based on Trapnell et al. (2012) Nature Protocols In this tutorial we cover the concepts of RNA-Seq differential gene expression (DGE) analysis using a very small synthetic dataset from a well studied organism. Advanced Galaxy Tutorial ...

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    1355 days ago

  • Check Linux server configuration !!

    Bioinformatician uses servers for computational analysis. Sometime we need to check the server details before running our programs or tools. Here I am showing some basic commands using them you can gather the system/server information.To check what version of Operating System is installed on the ...

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    1354 days ago

  • Linux Sort Commands for Bioinformatics

    Almost all the scripting languages such as Perl, Python etc have built-in sort, but unfortunately none of them are as flexible as sort command. But one when it come to space efficiency GNU sort stands at the top. It can sort a 20Gb file with less than 2Gb memory. It is not trivial to implement so...

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  • A Typical Annoying #Example of using #R/BioConductor

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  • Forest plot #R #Forest #Plot #Example #Explanation #PrettyPlot

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  • NGS tutorial #NGS #Tutorial #Example

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