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  • How to separate FASTA sequences by their name in files?

    I have one big file with lots of fasta sequences. I would like to separate the sequences by their name in files. Can anyone please help me to do so. Thanks for your time. Sample fasta sequences in file: >SBI_03055_PP_HisKa|Streptomyces bingchenggensis BCW-1MSSSDAARTGSAEGARDSKRVRTRRTLRDWIVDVC...

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    1621 days ago

  • mahree khan

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    341 days ago

  • GenBank to FASTA format conversion, Written By Junguk HUR #Perl #FASTA #Genbank

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    1567 days ago

  • Replace N characters with random nucleotide in a FASTA file.

    During sequencing and assembly process Fasta files typically contain invalid characters such as "NNNN", how can I remove those with randon nucleotide charaters A T G C.

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    1567 days ago

  • Seqtk is a fast and lightweight tool for processing sequences in the FASTA or FASTQ format. #FASTA #FASTAQ #NGS


    1328 days ago

  • FASTA error with Sift ?

    Can anyone tell me how to rectify the problem in Sift ? While am running the fasta sequence of my protein of interest its showing error after few minutes and  few times it giving job id but am not getting the result

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    692 days ago

  • Filter #blank #lines from a #fasta file using sed. $ sed '/^$/d' finalSample.fa > finalSample_filtered.fa #Linux #Filter #FASTA #SED

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    232 days ago

  • Download mutliple fasta file from NCBI in one GO!!

    if you have less time, then use three ways mentioned in bookmark link to extract/download all fasta sequences in single click given that you already have a list of GIs or accession IDs . Alternatively, use one liner perl script: perl -ne 'if(/^>(\S+)/){$c=$i{$1}}$c?print:chomp;$i{$_}=1 if @A...

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    1609 days ago

  • zcat input_file.fastq.gz | awk 'NR%4==1{printf ">%s\n", substr($0,2)}NR%4==2{print}' > output_file.fa #fastaQ2fasta #fastaq #fasta #Oneliner

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    1346 days ago

  • Remove the unnecessary #fasta #header. $ sed 's/\s.*$//' Adineta_vaga_v2.0.scaffolds.fa > new_file.fasta

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    194 days ago