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  • How to find a files in a folder or sub folders?

    Hi Bioinformaticians,  I am new to bioinformatics and Perl. So, please execuse me if I disturb you all with newbie question. I am strugling to find a specific files (cattle_genome.fasta) from a folder and sub folders, and read it. I got some of the help form this website http://s...

    Tags: Recursively Search, Folders, Sub Folder, Find, Read, Search, Perl.

    1655 days ago

  • Look up a biological numbers

    Did you ever need to look up a number like the volume of a cell or the cellular concentration of ATP, only to find yourself spending much more time than you wanted on the Internet or flipping through textbooks - all without much success? Well, it didn’t happen only to you. It is o...

    Tags: BioNumbers, Look, Biology, Molecular Biology, Database, Find, Bioinformatics

    1640 days ago

  • Find certain files/documents in Linux OS

    As bioinformatician I know the fact that we usually handle the large dataset and lost in the huge numbers of files and folders. In order to search the missing file a strong search command is required. The Linux Find Command is one of the most important and much used command in Linux sytems. Find ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Linux, Find, Search, Look, Example

    1414 days ago

  • Search Shell Command History

    We use couple of hundreads of command in daily basis. Most of them are actually repeated several time. The question remain open how do I search old command history under bash shell and modify or reuse it? Now a days almost all modern shell allows you to search command history if enabled by user. ...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Linux, History, Search, Find, Delete, Shell, Command

    1347 days ago

  • How to search for small peptide (hexapeptide) sequence ?

    How to search for small peptide (hexapeptide) sequence which are modified by single D-amino acid replacement from parent peptide sequence? Which database or tool is available to find available sequence similarity?? The parent peptide sequence is a part of human protein with all six L-amino acid ...

    Tags: Hexapeptide, Sequence, Search, Peptide, Database, Tool, Find, Similarity

    956 days ago

  • Perl way to check if an array contains values

    Perl is always is known for their flexibility (There is more than one way to do it). Followings are the quick way to check if a value exist in an array. do_something if 'flour' ~~ @ingredients   # ~~ operand.   BEWARE: it is broken.do_something if grep {$_ eq 'flour'} @ingredients ...

    Tags: Perl, Tricks, Array, Find, Check

    346 days ago

  • Find the DIRs in Linux: $ find / -name "DIR_NAME" #Linux #Find #DIR

    Tags: Linux, Find, DIR

    363 days ago

  • Plasmid finder #Plasmid #Find

    Tags: Plasmid, Find

    271 days ago

  • Linux command to find the file contains a string "LOCK_EX": grep -Ril "LOCK_EX" / #Root #Find #Linux #Grep #search

    Tags: Root, Find, Linux, Grep, search

    81 days ago

  • SMASH: An alignment-free tool to find and visualise rearrangements between pairs of DNA sequences

    SMASH is a completely alignment-free method to find and visualise rearrangements between pairs of DNA sequences. The detection is based on relative compression, namely using a FCM, also known as Markov model, of high context order (typically 20). The method has been approached with a tool (a...

    Tags: SMASH, alignment-free, tool, find, visualise, rearrangements, pairs, DNA, sequences

    59 days ago