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  • Life of BI !!!

    Hmm .. Don't worry you read it right .. this is not pi but bi ... "life of Bioinformatician(BI)".  Disclaimer: This cartoon is solely designed to create humour and fun, not to offend any PI, supervisor or student.

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    1572 days ago

  • Golden Rules of Bioinformatics

    All constant are variable. Copy and paste is a genetic error. First solve the problem, then write the code. No matter what goes wrong, it will probably look right. Any simple problem can be insoluble if enough metting are held to discuss it. :P Stastics is a systematic method of comming to...

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    1583 days ago

  • Bioinformatician needs ten heads !!!

    Bioinformatics demands more and ... lots more knowledge. In this case Ravan, a mythological character from the Ramayan, can only be a real bioinformatician. :) :P

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    1578 days ago

  • Bioinformatician Dreams

    Bioinformatician life is interconnected, they always dream for a powerful server, little more space on server as they are generating lots of data per run, dream to publish results in good impact journals, meetings reminders :) and research analysis off course!!! 

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    1577 days ago

  • Ancestor at work !!!

    When they will learn Bioinformatics :)

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    1417 days ago

  • What a bioinformatician always dream for ???

    Well established bioinformatics labs with SGI(silicon graphics interface) License of all commercial softwares. Complete, and fully assembled genome of the girl :P A girl/boy with lesser E-values and higher compatibility score. Horoscope Match should be significant (not less that 18). ...

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    1512 days ago

  • Genetics for Fun and Profit: Andrew Hessel at TEDxVilnius

    Andrew Hessel co-chairs the Bioinformatics and Biotechnology track at the Singularity University, an institution founded by futurist Ray Kurzweil and X Prize Foundation CEO Peter Diamandis, with sponsorship from world-leading organizations that include Google, Autodesk, and NASA. He is also the f...

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    1565 days ago

  • Bioinformatics definitions and applications !!!

    There have been long discussion amongst several specialized/expert educator regarding bioinformatics arena, but everyone explain bioinformatics with their own view. I tried to explain it with a cartoon. Hope you all will like it.

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    1554 days ago

  • Bioinformatician kidnaped !!!

    Some fish kidnaped a bioinformatician for their genome analysis.

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    1520 days ago

  • Alien Spy !!!

    Alien spy are looking for human genome sequences .. 

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    1506 days ago