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  • Jitendra Narayan

    About me: ...amniotes evolution. I (We) develop certain computational pipeline, and algorithms to harness the huge amo...o get a better sense of what we do. Collaboration and ideas are welcome. Google scholar @ http://scholar....

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  • Rahul Agarwal

    About me:  

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  • Online Bioinformatics Courses

    ...ter explain the data computationally.  I found this online bioinformatics courses really interesting where they are covering the common algorithms underlying the followin...

    1680 days ago

  • Online Courses for biology beginners

    Most of the time we face some biological problems while analysing our data computationally. This bookmark is being created to provide list of all free online courses at one place. If you know any other good online cource resources to learn biology please let me know.  

    1679 days ago

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  • Linux Cheat Sheet

    In an attempt to find a good Linux reference for bioinformatician and BOL readers, I was unsuccessful at finding a decent one on the Internet. So, we decided to make a cheat sheet for biological programmers.

    1688 days ago

  • Regular Expression Cheat Sheet

    ...r Expression are the sole of Perl language, and for bioinformatician it is just a magical stick to resolve gingatic string data. We did not find any good and user friendly regular e...

    1688 days ago

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  • Bioinformatics Definitions

    ...m a single discipline. The ultimate goal of the field is to enable t...atics: (1) the development of new algorithms and statistics with whi..., and expression data clustering. Algorithmic development is an impo...ocation of a protein. The ultimate goal of sequence annotation is t...

    1683 days ago

  • Data Mining in Bioinformatics

    ...ations.This page Covering theory, algorithms, and methodologies, as...ail as legitimate or spam. Common algorithms include decision tree l...avy weight. I use R, free, and with good data mining packages such a...amining books that are available on google books: Data mining and b...

    1682 days ago

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  • Genomic Impact

    The ongoing genomic research in USA contributed $31 billion to the U.S. gross national product and helped support 152,000 jobs.  Reference:

    1688 days ago

  • Python Education Material

    Google provide free class for people with...xperience who want to learn Python. The google python class includes wri...coding. These materials are used within Google to introduce Python to pe...e. Find more @

    1687 days ago

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  • Tryst with a Bioinformatician # Dr Altan Kara

    ...) lab page ( and BOL page http://b...ics is the only way to achieve this goal. What fascinates you a...project. For this reason, the major goal of my bioinformatics compan...hmarking, researchers should have a good biological background in th...

    97 days ago


  • Genome Hackers

    Genome Hackers

    ...on form of blindness to Alzheimer's disease. However, as a computational biologist or bioinformatician you hack the entire genome to understand the god's written sophiticated genet...

    1688 days ago

  • Java and BioJava Magic

    Java and BioJava Magic

    ...e formats and allows the manipulation of sequences and 3D structures. The goal of the biojava project is t...of BioJava in biological researchs. Reference @

    1638 days ago

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  • R package for visualising GO enrichment

    An R package that visualizes the GO enrichment results as word clouds and arranges them together with figures of experimental data. This allows us to draw informative summary plots for analyses such as differential expression or clustering, where for each gene list we display its behaviour in the...

    Tags: R, GO, Gene Enrichments, Clustering, GO annotation, CRAN

    1675 days ago

  • List of gene ontology software and tools

    The Gene Ontology (GO) is a set of associations from biological phrases to specific genes that are either chosen by trained curators or generated automatically. GO is designed to rigorously encapsulate the known relationships between biological terms and and all genes that are instances of these ...

    Tags: GO, Gene, Ontology, Gene Ontology, Enrichments, Pathway, Annotation

    1445 days ago

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