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    Gene finding in eukaryotic genomes is notoriously difficult to automate. The task i...-art performance across a wide range of species. GeneMark-ET is a gene prediction tool that incorpor...the prediction step. Complementary strengths of GeneMark-ET...

    449 days ago

  • Gene Finding and Predictions

    In this exercise, a previously annotated gene will be used to measure the accuracy of different gene finding approaches. GRAIL, GENSCAN, geneid, FGENESH, GenomeScan, GrailEXP and GENEWISE will be us...

    455 days ago

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  • Syntax for Secure Copy (scp)

    In our day to day research activity, we need to securely copy our data...ity as ssh. Examples Copy the file "gene.txt" from a remote host to th...p; $ scp /some/local/ \&...

    1348 days ago

  • Find certain files/documents in Linux OS

    As bioinformatician I know the fact that we usually handle the large dataset...DirectoryFind all the files whose name is gene.txt in a current working directory.# find . -name gene.txt./gene.txt2. Find Files Un...e single FileTo find a single file called gene.txt an...

    1328 days ago

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  • Tool: Gene Set Clustering based on Functional annotation (GeneSCF)

      -----------   Gene Set Clustering based on Functional annotation   GeneSCF serves as command line tool for clustering the list of genes given by the users based on f...ene list in the form of Entrez Gene ID (UIDs) or Official gene sy...  The advantage of using GeneSCF ove...

    518 days ago

  • Pathway Analysis

    Pathway Analysis is usually performed with aim to enrich the genes with their functional inform...ological mechanisms pursue by genes. Pathway Analysis is not onl...a particular set of expressed genes follow but also to disclose...lso relationships between the genes, their transcripts, and thei...

    1142 days ago

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  • FeatureStack: Perl module for comparative visualization of gene features #Perl #Module #Visualization #Gene

    1141 days ago

  • Gene analysis has made easier #Gene #GWAS #Genome #Traits

    892 days ago

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  • Huber Lab

    The Huber group develops computational and statistical methods to design...lyse novel experimental approaches in genetics and cell biology. Fut...als Large-scale systematic maps of gene-gene and gene-environment int...nd ChIP-Seq and their applications to gene expres...

    1537 days ago

  • Mike Ritchie Lab

    Mike Ritchie Lab primary research focus is the detection of susceptibility genes for common diseases such as cancer, methods with a focus on the detection of gene-gene interactions associated...may lead to the identification of candidate genes for u...

    1514 days ago

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  • BioGeek Fun

    1. A futuristic computational biology student was told to write "It is in my gene!!!" on the board 100 times as a...$count++) { print "It is in my gene!!!";}I guess, he is gonna to...;     $startGene=$1;    &n...sked the bartender:CREATE TABLE gene IF NOT...

    1347 days ago

  • Bioinformatician become producer/director !!!

    If a Bioinformatician starts producing Hindi Bollywood movies, n...ak khoj Munna Bhai Promoter Gene se Genome tak. Maine BLAST k...jayenge  Raju ban gaya Genefinder. Har Ligand jo dock ka...BLAST To Hona Hi Tha !! Meri Gene Tumhare Paas Hai Aao Databas...Maine Bhi ClustalW Kiya Hai GeneScan Ka...

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  • Tryst with a Bioinformatician # Dr Altan Kara

      Dr Altan Kara is a Bioinformatics specialist at the faculty of Gene Engineering and Biotechnology Institute at based on this profile. Alterations in the gene, transcript, protein, and met...ou will be retired, what would you tell next generation...

    8 days ago


  • Bioinformatics Algorithms

    Bioinformatics Algorithms

    This group is being designed to cover some of the common algorithms underlying the following fundamen...ssembling genomes, comparing DNA and protein sequences, predicting genes, finding regulatory motifs, analyzing gene expres...

    1548 days ago

  • BOL Virtual Research Group

    BOL Virtual Research Group

    Our research interest falls in the broad field of bioinformatics and, more specifically into Computational...CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization) microarrays Computational genetics Candidate gene priori...

    1589 days ago


  • R package for visualising GO enrichment

    An R package that visualizes the GO enrichment results as word clouds and arranges them together with figures of experimental data. This allows us to draw informative summary plots for analyses such as differential expression or clustering, where for each gene list we display its behaviour in the...

    Tags: R, GO, Gene Enrichments, Clustering, GO annotation, CRAN

    1586 days ago