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  • GAGE : Genome Assembly Gold-standard Evaluation

    ...s an evaluation of the very latest large-scale genome assembly algorithms. We have...n attempt to produce a realistic assessment of genome assembly software in a rapidl...of GAGE have now been published in the journal Genome Research: GAGE: A critic...

    345 days ago


    MAKER is a portable and easily configurable genome annotation pipeline.Its to allow smaller eukaryotic and prokaryotic genome projects to independently annotate their genomes and to create genome databases. MAKER identifies r...

    558 days ago

  • PhylOligo: a package to identify contaminant or untargeted organism sequences in genome assemblies

    Genome sequencing projects sometimes uncover more organism...develop software to identify mix of organisms from genome sequence assemblies. PhylOli...entify and extract organism-specific sequences in a genome assembly using the analysis o...

    8 days ago

  • CLgenomics

    ...e specifically designed for bacterial genome analysis. This program has a powerful multi-genome browser, which enables rapid...nomes. To use CLgenomics, individual genome data (genome sequences + anno...icly available Bacterial and Archaeal genomes.

    168 days ago

  • Alignment of closely related whole genomes/scaffolds

    ...a dramatic increase in the number of sequenced genomes for species across the that can quickly compare multiple whole-genome sequences, millions of base p...ave been created to report new tools for whole genome alignments. Please report ne...

    567 days ago

  • Largest Genome Sequenced

    The enormous size of the loblolly pine genome having 22 billion base pairs compared to only 3 billion in the human genome. In other words, it is s...argest and the most complete conifer genome ever sequenced. Related Pape...

    1246 days ago

  • CGView - Circular Genome Viewer

    ...isplay and navigate bacterial genomes. GView is useful for producing high-quality genome maps for use in publications.... Users can interact with the genome using a powerful pan-and-zoom...e or for application to other genome maps using GView's custom fil...

    333 days ago

  • Introduction of Epigenomics

    What is the epigenome? What does the epigenome do? What makes up the epigenome? Is the epigenome inherited? What is imprinting? Can the epigenome change? What makes the epigenome change? How do changes in the epigenome contribute to cancer? How are researchers exploring the epigenome?

    1413 days ago

  • GenomeComp

    GenomeComp is a tool for summarizing, parsing and visualizing the genome wide sequence comparison resu...angements, insertions or deletions of genome segments between species or s...sequences, especially closely related genomes such as inter-species or int...

    182 days ago

  • GenomeScope !!

    Summary: GenomeScope is an open-source web tool to...e the overall characteristics of a genome, including genome size, heter...eatures are essential for studying genome evolution, and help to choose...real datasets with a wide range in genome sizes, heterozygosity levels,...

    301 days ago