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  • Genome Browsers

    Genome Browser is the platform/database used for searching and retreiving sequences and annotation of genomes belong to various eukaryotes...:

    1583 days ago

  • Using Interval Trees to Query Genome Annotations by Position

    ...y related to overlapping genomic features: use IntervalTree python pkg htt...

    1217 days ago

  • BioProgramming

    The completion of the first human genome drafts was just a start of the modern DNA...ion sequencing” (HT-NGS). The decreasing genome sequencing cost and desire to...cally suitable language to handle ever growing genome or protein sequences. The ne...

    1616 days ago

  • Quick next generation sequencing (NGS) terms definition

    ...a read pair is called concordant if they can be mapped to the reference genome as “expected”: (a...ature.split reads: a read that can only be mapped to the reference genome by breaking into two sub-read...

    191 days ago

  • NGS Glossary !!

    ...sequence reads to a reference genome. BAM Format: binary, compres...equence read to the reference genome. Three core abbreviations are...c variants. RNAME: reference genome identifier (also known as the...e sequence Referencesequence/genome  A fully assembled vers...

    537 days ago

  • Genomics for Bioinformatician

    ...n loci and alleles within the genome. In contrast, the investigati...n, and response to the entire genome's networks.Genomics was estab...d on the mapping of the human genome in 1986.The outcome of almost...ntion (CDC) in Atlanta of the genome of the virus that causes Seve...

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  • Alignment-free sequence comparison tools available for next-generation sequencing data analysis

    ...C) Phy-Mer Reference-i...nown SNPs (dbSNP and Affymetrix's Genome-Wide Human SNP Array) from ra...(e.g., ONT or PacBio reads, draft genomes) Software (Perl) https://g...d tool for MLST directly from the genome sequencing reads Software (P...

    39 days ago

  • Single Cell RNAseq data analysis tutorial !!

    ...87775 Single cell transcriptomes identify human islet cell signatures and reveal cell-type-specific expression changes in type 2 diabetes

    19 days ago

  • Apps for Busy Bioinformatics Researchers !!! NCBI, COSMIC, KEGG, PubMed, SymAtlas, UCSC genome browser, Pathway Commons, Genome Voyager: iPad Gain first han...nd UniProt. SimGene alsocontains an integrated genome browser with information on g...

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  • SPAdes hybrid genome assembly

    ...agilis assembly by Mick Watson’s group. Again, running will show you the options: This produces: SPAdes genome assembler v3.10.1 Usage: /...

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