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  • SPAdes Genome Assembler! #Genome #Assembler #Omics #NGS

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    1271 days ago

  • #Mouse #Genome #Mammmals #GenesCatalogue

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    1270 days ago

  • Nuclear Dynamics Lab

    Lab focus is to elucidate fundamental principles, new mechanisms, machineries and emergent properties that are involved in maintaining the genome and gene expression programmes for improvements in lifelong health and well-being for all. More at

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    1248 days ago

  • The 8000 years old Tibetian gene mutation !!!

    A new study has provided insight into how gene mutation around 8,000 years ago helped Tibetans' to survive in the thin air on the Tibetan Plateau, where an average elevation is of 14,800 feet.A study led by University of Utah scientists is the first to find a genetic cause for the adaptation, a s...

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    1214 days ago

  • 114 different tools out there for DNA/RNA assembly #Assembly #Genome #Tools

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    1236 days ago

  • transAlign: using amino acids to facilitate the multiple alignment of protein-coding DNA sequences #Align #Genome

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    1231 days ago

  • Swabs to Genomes: A Comprehensive Workflow

    The sequencing, assembly, and basic analysis of microbial genomes, once a painstaking and expensive undertaking, has become almost trivial for research labs with access to standard molecular biology and computational tools. However, there are a wide variety of options available for DNA library pr...

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    1225 days ago

  • Validated whole genome structural variation detection using multiple callers #VariationCalling #Genome #SNP

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    1222 days ago

  • galign: A Tool for Rapid Genome Polymorphism Discovery #SNP #Variation #galign #Genome

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    1222 days ago

  • Genome data mining for everyone #Report #Genome #Research #BMC

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    1222 days ago