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  • GAM-NGS: genomic assemblies merger for next generation sequencing

    GAM-NGS is a tool able to merge two or more assemblies in order to improve contiguity and correctness. It can be used on all NGS-based assembly projects and it shows its full potential with multi-library Illumina-based projects. With more than 20 available assemblers it is hard to select the best...

    Tags: GAM-NGS, Genomic, Assemblies, Merger, Sequencing, NGS

    213 days ago

  • BEDOPS v2.4.26: high-performance genomic feature operations

    BEDOPS v2.4.26 is a suite of tools to address common questions raised in genomic studies — mostly with regard to overlap and proximity relationships between data sets. It aims to be scalable and flexible, facilitating the efficient and accurate analysis and management of large-scale genomic...

    Tags: BEDOPS, high-performance, genomic, feature, operations, NGS, BED

    189 days ago

  • Web Apollo: a web-based genomic annotation editing platform

    Web Apollo is the first instantaneous, collaborative genomic annotation editor available on the web. One of the natural consequences following from current advances in sequencing technology is that there are more and more researchers sequencing new genomes. These researchers require tools to desc...

    Tags: Web, Apollo, genomic, annotation, editing, platform

    143 days ago

  • Taxoblast : Taxoblast is a pipeline to identify contamination in genomic sequence

    Modern genome sequencing strategies are highly sensitive to contamination making the detection of foreign DNA sequences an important part of analysis pipelines. Here we use Taxoblast, a simple pipeline with a graphical user interface, for the post-assembly detection of contaminating sequences in ...

    Tags: Taxoblast, pipeline, identify, contamination, genomic, sequence

    25 days ago

  • SVfinder: Tool for detecting genomic rearrangement form DNA-seq data

    SVfinder provides genome-wide detection of structural variants from next generation paired-end sequencing reads.

    Tags: SVfinder, Tool, detecting, genomic, rearrangement, DNA-seq

    4 days ago

  • kraken: A universal genomic coordinate translator for comparative genomics

    If you planning on conducting a study involving dozens of large genomes, then you do not have to run all pairwise synteny alignments .. simply try kraken: A universal genomic coordinate translator for comparative genomics

    Tags: kraken, universal, genomic, coordinate, translator, comparative, genomics

    11 days ago