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  • PLOS Computational Biology: Translational Bioinformatics educational resources

    PLOS present collection of Education articles:  “Translational Bioinformatics”. This collection is presented as an online “book” which could serve as a reference tool for a graduate level introductory course, marking a step in an exciting new direction for the Educati...

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  • Phylogenomics/Phylogenetic website

    Welcome to, a discussion forum for phylogenetic theory and applications. The primary goal of this forum is to discuss best practice and new developments in phylogenetics. Although we do have a Troubleshooting category for getting feedback on analyses, this is not a help site for...

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  • Bioinformatics Protocols

    RNA Seq Basic Galaxy Tutorial RNA-Seq tutorial based on Trapnell et al. (2012) Nature Protocols In this tutorial we cover the concepts of RNA-Seq differential gene expression (DGE) analysis using a very small synthetic dataset from a well studied organism. Advanced Galaxy Tutorial ...

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  • R programming and Jobs website

    Welcome to the R Jobs section of If your organization has an R employment opportunity that you would like to have posted here, submit it via the contact page. Prospective employees: use the contact information provided in the position listing to apply or contact the hiring organ...

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  • Google Genomics

    Google Genomics provides an API to store, process, explore, and share DNA sequence reads, reference-based alignments, and variant calls, using Google's cloud infrastructure. Store alignments and variant calls for one genome or a million. Process genomic data in batch by running principal comp...

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  • Google Genomics

    Explore genetic variation interactively. Compare entire cohorts in seconds with SQL-like queries. Compute transition/transversion ratios, genome-wide association, allelic frequency and more. Process big genomic data easily. Run batch analyses like principal component analysis and Hardy-W...

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  • liftover

    Convenient conversions between genome assemblie. The liftover package makes it easy to remap genomic coordinates to a different genome assembly. More at

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    745 days ago

  • CrossMap

    CrossMap is a program for convenient conversion of genome coordinates (or annotation files) between different assemblies (such as Human hg18 (NCBI36) <> hg19 (GRCh37), Mouse mm9 (MGSCv37) <> mm10 (GRCm38)). It supports most commonly used file formats including SAM/BAM, Wiggle/BigWig,...

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    745 days ago

  • Pilon

    Pilon is a software tool which can be used to: Automatically improve draft assemblies Find variation among strains, including large event detection Pilon requires as input a FASTA file of the genome along with one or more BAM files of reads aligned to the input FASTA file. Pilon uses read ...

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    745 days ago

  • Pattern Searching in a Single Genome

    Pattern searching holds much importance for biologists , for the understanding of DNA ( and its functionality) can be more than a matter of satisfying curiosity , but also give answers to many issuess uchas medical conditions . However,there are a number of ways of searching with in a single chro...

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