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  • Bio-Graphics-2.37

    BioPerl modules Bio::Graphics + Bio::DB:GFF and example scripts. It can draw some of t...ion by experimenting with its options.

    86 days ago

  • Circular plots in R in R! It implements low-level graphic functions for adding common graphics in a circular layout. This learn you how to use the library, so I strongly advise to read the graphics in the proposed order! h...

    92 days ago

  • Circleator

    ... SAM/BAM files, VCF-encoded SNPs, tab-delimited files Outputs publication-ready figures in the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. Requires only a sin...

    86 days ago

  • MEGAN6

    ...Why use MEGAN6?  The software is: Easy to use. MEGAN6 is a single application and all features are available through menus, toolbars and graphics. No scripting skills required...

    421 days ago

  • Genetic-mapper: SVG Genetic Map Drawer draw publication-ready vectorial genetic maps. Perl script for creating a publication-ready vectorial genetic/linkage map in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. The resulting f...

    93 days ago

  • GView: A Java application for viewing and examining prokaryotic genomes in a circular or linear context

    ...nce file formats and an optional style specification file to generate customizable, publication quality genome maps in bitmap and scalable vector graphics formats. GView features an in...

    67 days ago

  • Shinyheatmap

    ...a colored grid of cells, efficiency and speed have often proven to be critical considerations in the process of successfully converting data into graphics. For example, rendering inter...

    333 days ago