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  • Upgrade R 3.0.3

    R is a free software programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for develop...

    1448 days ago

  • GrapheR !!!

    What a wonderful gem GrapheR is.... Oh yes it is. GrapheR is a GUI for base graphics in R by The package provides a graphical user interface for creating b...

    1291 days ago

  • Update Genome Workbench 2.7.15 released

    ...ta in the context of public data, and retrieve BLAST results. Genome Workbench is built on the NCBI C++ ToolKit and uses cross-platform APIs for graphics. It runs on your local machin...

    1460 days ago

  • R 3.2.0 is released

    ...d.fwf() and read.DIF() gain a fileEncoding argument, for convenience. Graphics devices can add attributes to...r function grSoftVersion() in package grDevices reports on third-party graphics software. Function tcltk::tc...

    1044 days ago