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  • R Graphical Cookbook by Winston Chang

    R Graphical Cookbook by Winston Chang A very nice book by Winston Chang for R ethusiast. The R code presented in these pages is the R code actually used to produce the Figures in the book. There will be differences compared to the code chunks shown in the text of the book, but in most cases...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, Analysis, NGS, R, Graphics, Books

    478 days ago

  • Bio-Graphics-2.37

    BioPerl modules Bio::Graphics + Bio::DB:GFF and example scripts. It can draw some of the (but not all) feature types GBrowse can draw. This script should contain everything you can probably make use of (e.g. transcripts, segments, etc.) and you can try to find a good way of vi...

    Tags: Bio-Graphics-2.37, Bio, Graphics, Perl

    245 days ago