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  • DarkHorse

    DarkHorse is a bioinformatic method for rapid, automated identification and ranking of phylogenetically atypical proteins on a genome-wide basis. It works by selecting potential ortholog matches from a reference database of amino acid sequences, then using these matches to calculate a lineag...

    Tags: Bioinformatics, HGT, Genes, Horizontal, Transfer, Method, Tools, DarkHorse

    544 days ago

  • Understanding HGT #HGT #Gene #Video

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    191 days ago

  • DarkHorse: a method for genome-wide prediction of horizontal gene transfer

    A new approach to rapid, genome-wide identification and ranking of horizontal transfer candidate proteins is presented. The method is quantitative, reproducible, and computationally undemanding. It can be combined with genomic signature and/or phylogenetic tree-building procedures to improve accu...

    Tags: DarkHorse, method, genome-wide, prediction, horizontal, gene, transfer, HGT

    179 days ago

  • Scripts for the analysis of HGT in genome sequence data.

    Scripts for the analysis of HGT in genome sequence data

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    18 days ago