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    ...ters By Michael Kanellos, CNET , Sept. 2, 2002. IBM teams with TurboGenomics ...e DNA chip By Kuriko Miyake, , Oct. 8, 2002. IBM chooses Linux for 'Blue Gene'...

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    .../ RNAhybrid : RNA22 predictor : miRNA predict...

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  • IBM Research Computational Biology Center

    The IBM Computational Biology Center embraces activities at Yorktown Heights, with strong affiliations with activities at Almaden and other IBM Research Centers. Computational Biology (CompBio) including bioinformatics is the study of how computer systems can manage, analyze, and simulate the com...

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  • The New York Genome Center and IBM Watson Group Announce Collaboration to Advance Genomic Medicine

    The New York Genome Center (NYGC) and IBM announced an initiative to accelerate a new era of genomic medicine with the use of IBM's Watson cognitive system. IBM and NYGC will test a unique Watson prototype designed specifically for genomic research as a tool to help oncologists deliver more perso...

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