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  • 4 positions in high throughput computational metagenomics and systems biology of natural products

    The Research and Innovation Centre at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (CRI-FEM) is a major international research institution with strong and expanding research interests in Fruit Genomics, Quality Health and Nutrition of Agricultural Products, Agro-ecosystems Sustainability, Biodiversity and Molecula...

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    1610 days ago

  • Pre- or postdoctoral research fellowship in Structural Bioinformatics in Padova

    University of Padova (URL: A research fellowship is available at the BioComputing Laboratory, University of Padova (URL: A highly motivated and creative candidate is sought to work on structural bioinformatics. Specifically, the proj...

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    1567 days ago

  • Postdoc positions in computational biology - Center for Genomic Science - Milan, Italy

    Job Description: three postdoc positions in computational biology are available at the Center for Genomic Science in Milan (Italy): - Development of computational methods to investigate the interplay between epigenetic and genetic layers and their role in tumor progression, by integrating geno...

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    1496 days ago

  • Post doc in Computational Genetics and Genomics at CEINGE Biotecnologie Avanzate, Naples, Italy

    We are seeking one motivated scientist to analyze genomics and transcriptomics data of a large collection of neuroblastoma tumors. The successful candidate will be part of a team of researchers with extensive expertise in genome cancer study. He/she will be involved in the analysis of DNA-seq, RN...

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    1435 days ago

  • Computational Biologist – Muscle Epigenetics

    The general focus of the group centers on epigenetic regulation of myogenesis using facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD) as paradigm. We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with a strong interest in transcriptional regulation and epigenetics. The successful candidate will work i...

    Tags: Computational Biologist, Muscle Epigenetics, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy

    1421 days ago

  • Postodoc in Computational/Systems Biology and Machine Learning

    One profile of Computational/Systems Biology and Machine Learning at Postdoc level is needed at the Laboratory of Immunobiology of Neurological Disorders led by Cinthia Farina, Institute of Experimental Neurology, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milano. The projects of interest for this application involv...

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    1378 days ago

  • Postdoctoral fellowship in Bioinformatics

    A two-year post-doctoral position is available in the Biocomputing group of the Sapienza University led by Anna Tramontano to work on either genomics research or structural bioinformatics, focusing on the study of relevant biomedical problems. The ideal candidate should be motivated and talented...

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    1165 days ago

  • Junior Bioinformatic position

    Junior Bioinformatic position in the laboratory of Inflammation and immunology in cardiovascular pathologies at Humanitas: We are seeking a highly motivated young PhD student with strong interest in high throughput data analysis. Detailed descriptions of our recent research activities may be ...

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    875 days ago

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Florence

    An opening is available at the University of Florence for a post-doctoral grant or "assegno di ricerca", funded by the INDIGO Datacloud project. INDIGO is an EC-funded project focused on the development of cloud-based technologies for scientific research. Within INDIGO, the Florence research tea...

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    869 days ago

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Bioinformatics at pesolelab

    Job Description: Bioinformatics postdoc positions are available in the area of genomics with main focus on exome and RNAseq technologies by ultra high-throughput sequencing platforms. Successful applicants should have the following qualities: 1) demonstrated experience in Bioinformatics resear...

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    838 days ago