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  • What Junk DNA? It’s an Operating System

    The report adds to growing experimental support for the idea that all that extra stuff in the human genes, once referred to as “junk DNA,” is more than functionless, space-filling material that happens to make up nearly 98% of the genome. The paper adds to a growing body of knowledge ...

    Tags: Junk DNA, RNA, bioinformatics, sequencing, intron, granulocytes, splicing, gene expression

    1580 days ago

  • Junk part of the human genome unlocked

    More: Texas A&M Biologists Unlock Non-Coding Half of Human Genome with Novel DNA Sequencing Technique "this study stated that differences in the heterochromatin exist ; the junk DNA is not stagnant as researchers origina...

    Tags: junk DNA, heterochromatin, QPCR

    1164 days ago